FireMaster T Board

reaction to fire A1

Uncombustible mineral board including high temperature fibres. Product with a classification temperature of 1400°C. Alternative to spraying solutions. Has lower thickness and handling weight than traditionally-used competitor boards. Performs 2 hours in 20mm and 3hours in 30 mm when protecting concrete and tested under RWS elevation of temperature. Under EU European Technical Assessment.


Batiboard referenceFireMaster TBoardUnitTest method
Nominal density500kg/m3EN 1602
Thickness range20-30mmEN 823
Standard dimensions (mm)1200x1000 and 2400x1200mmEN 822
Reaction to fire (Euroclass)A1EN 13501-1
Classification Temperature1400°Cinternal
Thermal conductivity at 100/ 200/ 400/ 600/ 800/1000 and 1200°C0.06/ 0.07/ 0.09/ 0.11/ 0.14/ 0.18/ 0.24W/m.KASTM C201
Tensile strength, perpendicular plane of board, internal bond40kPaEN 319
Compression strength, in plane1610kPaEN 789 § 8
Tensile strength1100kPaEN 789 § 9

Contact Person

Eric Rignol

Product manager