Batiboard A <20mm / Batiboard A >20mm

reaction to fire A1

Uncombustible mineral board including high temperature fibres. Product with a high integrity while fire test. Mainly used for EI90 and 120 application. Screwable product. Generally mounted on sites.

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Stéphane Baloin

Sales Manager Germany


Batiboard referenceA<20mmA≥20mmUnitTest method
Nominal density490390kg/m3EN 1602
Thickness range (monolithic)9 - 19.920 - 50mmEN 823
Standard dimensions (mm)2100x900 and 2400x1200mmEN 822
Reaction to fire (Euroclass)A1EN 13501-1
Thermal conductivity at 10°C0.0820.075W/m.KEN 12667
Resistance to
Hydrocarbon fire curves
CE certificateNointernal
Screw and staple fixing
Quartz free recipeNo
Fire-retardant fillersNo
Loss on ignition after exposure to 800°C for 2 hours65% (weight)internal
Linear shrinkage after exposure to 600°C for 4 hours0.20.3%internal
Nominal compression stress at yield point
Corresponding deformation
EN 826
Tensile strength perpendicular to faces120100kPaEN 1607
Modulus of rupture in bending22001100kPaEN 13169 § 4.3.7

Dimensions monolithic plates

Number of boards per pallet1027254423630272421
Standard dimensions (mm)2100 x 900 and 2400 x 1200
Maximum dimensions (mm)
2400 x 12003000 x 1200
Length and width tolerance (mm)
+/- 1 up to 1200 and +/- 2 above
Standard thickness tolerance (mm)
+/-1+/- 2
Ground plates Thickness tolerance (mm)(-0.5/+0.5) or (-1/+0) or (-0/+1)
Flatness (mm/m)+/- 2