Batiboard 150

reaction to fire B-sl, d0

Improved version of BB100 including fire retardant fillers. Better reaction to fire class. Mainly used in thinner versions for EI30 applications.

Contact Person

Stéphane Baloin

Sales Manager Germany


Batiboard reference150UnitTest method
Nominal density160kg/m3EN 1602
Thickness range (monolithic)25 - 40mmEN 823
Standard dimensions (mm)2100x900 and 2400x1200mmEN 822
Reaction to fire (Euroclass)B-s1,d0EN 13501-1
Thermal conductivity at 10°C0.052W/m.KEN 12667
Screw and staple fixingNo
Quartz free recipe
Fire-retardant fillers
Loss on ignition after exposure to 800°C for 2 hours27% (weight)internal
Linear shrinkage after exposure to 600°C for 4 hours1.5%internal
Nominal compression stress at yield point
Corresponding deformation
EN 826
Tensile strength perpendicular to faces80kPaEN 1607
Modulus of rupture in bending430kPaEN 13169 § 4.3.7

Dimensions monolithic plates

Number of boards per pallet42363027
Standard dimensions (mm)2100 x 900 and 2400 x 1200
Maximum dimensions (mm)
2400 x 12003000 x 1200
Length and width tolerance (mm)
+/- 1 up to 1200 and +/- 2 above
Standard thickness tolerance (mm)
+/- 1
Ground plates Thickness tolerance (mm)(-0.5/+0.5) or (-1/+0) or (-0/+1)
Flatness (mm/m)+/- 2