Tunnel Lining

Fire protection in tunnels aims to limit damage to the structure so that they can continue to perform their functions after a fire. Sitek Insulation, with its partner Morgan Thermal Ceramics, has developed an innovative board that is lightweight, thin, can be used with few fixings and offers fire resistance of up to 4 hours: the Firemaster T Board. The T Board can withstand temperatures of up to1400 ° C. The Tunnel Fire System has ETA approval.

Application Tip

Fire protection in tunnels is increasingly being pushed, not least because of some tragic accidents. The aim is to be able to use a tunnel again as quickly as possible after a fire event. The requirements are higher than for other standard fire applications, as these are hydrocarbon fires, which have a faster temperature rise and reach higher temperatures. Firemaster T board, manufactured by Sitek Insulation and distributed by Morgan Advanced Materials, which is related to the Batiboard product group, provides the required fire resistance. In comparative installation tests, it has been shown to be more efficient to work with than other materials because it is thinner, lighter and requires fewer anchors.

Contact Person

Eric Rignol

Product Manager