Thermal Bridge Insulation (Type S)

The Batiboard product range is available in dimensions to suit requirements as heat shield barrier and thermal bridge breaker and is used in various application areas.  For example, as fire protection of combustible foam insulation, whereby it also has thermal insulation properties in addition to the required fire protection. Or as thermal insulation of prefabricated concrete systems. In this case, the cut-to-size panels are used to avoid thermal bridges, positioned precisely in the system and grouted.

Application Tip

Thermal break connections have the task of connecting attachments to rising building components such as balconies, terraces or stairs in a structurally secure manner and yet separating them thermally. Strong steel or glass fibre rods provide the static support. Thermal insulation prevents heat from escaping from the inside of the building and thus potential thermal bridges. In case of fire, the thermal insulation and the reinforcement must be protected from the fire. Batiboard A takes over this task in the complex construction of these components.

Contact Person

Stéphane Baloin

Sales Manager Germany