Steel Beam Sheathing

Although steel is non-combustible, it loses a significant amount of its mechanical resistance when its temperature exceeds 550 ° C. Sitek Insulation has developed a lightweight and quick-to-install sheathing system based on Batiboard 550+ that provides fire protection performance from 30 minutes to 4 hours. Official EN 13381-4 tests, to be conducted in early 2021, indicate the thicknesses of the system to be installed depending on fire resistance performance and steel profile.

Application Tip

Halls in lightweight construction, based on a steel structure, are in vogue. In case of fire, the steel columns should be covered with fire protection panels, which are arranged around the steel columns with magnetic clips and then screwed or stapled. With this system, people and sensitive goods can be brought to safety without the building structure collapsing prematurely.

Contact Person

Eric Rignol

Product Manager