Fire Resistant Ventilation Ducts

The latest board developed by Sitek Insulation, Batiboard 550+, is used for the construction of fire-resistant aeration and ventilation ducts. Self-supporting and cladding systems for steel ducts are targeted, horizontal and vertical, with circular or rectangular cross-section and for types A, B and C according to EN 1366-1 and -4 standards. The board has a very low dimensional deviation during the fire test, is very light and easy to install regardless of the configuration.  The achieved performance is up to 240 minutes. The assembly is done either by screwing or clamping.

Application Tip

In case of fire, ventilation and smoke extraction ducts are vital devices for the protection of human life. To ensure their functionality in case of fire, they must be insulated with high-performance materials. Batiboard 550+ has proven its function in various fire tests at high temperatures over a long period of time. Easy and safe to work with, it offers additional benefits to builders and processors.

Contact Person

Eric Rignol

Product Manager