Fire Doors and Gates

Fire doors and gates have the task of delaying the spread of fire for a certain period of time in the event of a fire, thereby sealing off escape and rescue routes in the building from the flames. They help to save human lives and important goods from the spread of fire. With its Batiboard product range, Sitek Insulation has been supplying homogeneous, pressure-resistant as well as fire-resistant insulation boards for use as core insulation in fire doors for over 30 years. Batiboard insulation boards support the stability of fire doors through self-supporting properties.  They are easy to handle, cut to size and compatible with bonding and pressing methods. They allow for lighter and stronger door constructions, proven by high material integrity through the door slam test as well as high heat resistance during the fire test.

Application Tip

Generally EI30 fire doors or gates integrate core of Batiboard 100 or 150 when EI60 use Batiboard 200 or 200+ when a reduced thickness is required. For higher fire performances and for EW60 Batiboard 250 is suitable. The combination of different panels made of different materials is also possible esp. Batiboard A when acoustical requirements are present.

Contact Person

Eric Rignol

Product Manager

Konrad Kirsch

Market Manager