Fire protection container

Three criterias have to be taken into consideration when Passive Fire Protection is treated on partition walls application : Insulation (I), Integrity (E) and Load bearing ability (R). The Batiboard range of fire protective products is designed to fullfill or enhance those three criterias whether it is used in single layer walls system or drywall or laminated together with another materials such as Mineral wool or decorative boards. Batiboard products covers performance EI (30) up to EI (120), and offer outstanding performances in terms of Lightweight, Integrity and Insulation.  Easy and quick way to install with dimensions up to 3 meters heigh, and good workability and easyness to cut make it fit for the wall interruptions such as piping system, or cable penetration. Advantages: Lightweight, easy to cut and install, high performance, quick installation.

Wall application

Walls and partitions play sometimes a crucial role as they prevent the flames to get in contact with highly flamable liquids.

Batiboard 200+ in 40 mm is integrated into an EI 120 wall solution complying with American UL norms in case of hydrocarbon fire for fuel tanks industry.

Application Tip

For the insulation of 2-hour fire-resistant floors in prefabricated boiler rooms installed on roofs, most of which are made to measure, our Batiboard 550+ is integrated to size into their frames.

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