Cable Enclosure Systems

Protecting cables is an absolute necessity in the event of fire as they insure the safety evacuation of the building and the efficiency of electrical elements of the building (lifts, electrical doors openings, lights…) as well as the  Active Fire Electrical Tools (Alarm Systems, Emergency and Exit Lighting Signs, Sprinklers, Others).

Very demanding perfomance for câble enclosure systèms in EI 120 is sometimes required.

Batiboard 550+ is used and integrated into a complexe solution of prefabricated Cable Enclosure Systems in order to  fullfil the highest standard requirements in order to secure medium and high voltage cable from external fire event or to the opposit inhibit spread of fire in case of short circuit.

Application Tip

The Batiboard 550+ was developped by Sitek Insulation to perform from EI30 up to EI120, for protecting Cable Tray Systems or being part of a pre-mounted Cable Enclosure Systems to fullfill the BS 8519: 2010. Advantages: Lightness, Robusteness, Easy to cut and install, High performance .

Contact Person

Pierre Moracchini

Export Manager